If you and your child have already participated in a study, thank you! We encourage you and look forward to having you participate in future studies!

My child and I would like to participate. What will we be doing?














After signing up to participate in one of our studies, we will send you directions to our reserved parking spots (or see the directions link below).


















A member of our research team will meet you at your car to give you a parking pass and will walk you to our lab, located on the 4th floor of the Hobbs Building on the Peabody College campus.






















At the lab, a researcher will describe the study in more detail and answer any questions you have. Our sessions are generally 30-60 minutes long. You will be with your child at all times. Sometimes, we have parents observe from nearby. All responses and information received from you and your child are completely confidential. At the end of the study, your child will receive a small thank-you prize for participating!

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417A Hobbs Psychology Building, just off 18th Avenue and Horton on the Peabody Campus of Vanderbilt. 


Mail: 230 Appleton Place, Nashville, TN 37203