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These videos shows a method that helped preschoolers learn vocabulary from video stories:

     Dialogic Questioning with Video Stories 

     Do Videos Help Your Young Child Learn?


Favorite apps that use effective learning principles:

    Vanderbilt Experts Choose Favorite Children's Educational Apps


How we partnered with a Vandy Engineering STUDENT to develop and test an app:

    An Undergrad's Research to Boost Learning Apps 

    Vanderbilt Engineering Undergrad is Improving Children's Educational Apps


Useful sites with information about kids and media


Common Sense Media - provides accurate and thorough ratings of educational and age-appropriate content

                                            for children


Joan Ganz Cooney Center - independent research center studying the implications of media use in the        

                                                  education system


Fred Rogers Center - located at St. Vincent College 

Zero To Three - provides useful guidelines for screen use various downloadable items.


 PBS Kids    


Recent magazine articles and radio programs that include our research:


Atlantic Magazine (Sept. 10, 2015). "Do babies know when they're Skyping?" by Adrienne LaFrance


Newsweek.com. (Mar. 22, 2015). "Screen rules for your baby."


Atlantic Magazine (April, 2013). "The touch-screen generation" (Cover story). by Hannah Rosin.


NPR All Things Considered. (OCt. 28, 2013). "What you need to know about babbies, toddlers, and screen time."


KQED Forum. (September 18,2015). "Managing your kid's screen time." (NPR San Francisco affiliate).


Lifezette.com. (2015). "Electronic Toys and How they Affect Little Brains" by Deirdre Reilly.


Parents Magazine (November 2011). "Going solo: Independent Play in Toddlers" by Ashley Phillips. 

Momtastic.com. (2016). "Should Parents Let Their Toddlers Have Screen Time?" by Jennifer Benjamin.




Research from the Early Development Lab is featured in this excellent book:


"How Electronic Media- From Baby Videos to Educational Sofware Afects Your Young Child" by Lisa Guernsey.




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